ArtBox Digital

Organized by Trias Culture, with the support of an international curatorial team and international partners, the ArtBox Digital initiative aims at strengthening the practices of African and Latin American digital artists, as well as the exchange between them through a series of exhibitions, residencies, and other programs. The Award is an initiative to stimulate creativity, research, and experimentations of new artistic languages from the realm of digital arts. Through this award and associated actions – training and creative workshops, meetings, exchanges between artists and various professionals – the objective is to contribute to the creation of a more encouraging ecosystem, and to support a new generation of digital artists in Africa and Latin America.

For the first edition of the award, the winning African digital artist obtained an artistic residency at Plataforma Bogotá, an interactive media lab for art, science and technology, in Bogotá, Colombia. On top of providing the winning artist with the opportunity to create and develop his/her research, this residency created and enhanced south-to-south dialogues and exchanges, based on the idea that digital culture and art is experienced, produced, and thought of differently in the global south.

To know more about the initiative, the team, and the guidelines of the award, please visit us here.