In / Tensión

In/tensión was a series of events on Tuesday, November 24th 2015, at the San Francisco Art Institute, which dealt with the concept of displacement as it related to history, memory and land. The artistic proposals, performances and discussions explored the history of the privatized and corporate reality of our current time and place. How do we understand the different forces that have shaped the San Francisco Bay Area? How do we preserve and create spaces where broken narratives can exist and be heard?

The day started with a blessing from David Smith, leader of the Manchester Point Arena Pomo native americans, and Catherine Herrera, Ohlone artist. The day continued with the opening of the Diego Rivera, Paul Sacks and Still Lights galleries. Artists presented works that dealt with displaced historical narratives and with the politics of time. Public presentations and an open dialogue were hosted in the Lecture Hall in the evening, featuring speakers who are deeply engaged in reconstructing broken narratives and re-negotiating the tension around land and knowledge in the Bay Area. In culmination, there was a healing ceremony conducted by members of the Ohlone and Pomo Native communities, continuing the dialogue about the colonial and genocidal history of the land.

These events happened two days before the Thanksgiving holiday, which was a perfect time to reflect on the contested power that shapes history and the construction of collective identities in a time of private corporation’s monopoly over resources and information.